The idea of Turnkey Project Management (TPM) for complex technical and construction projects is to reduce the client’s costs and the effort for observing, individual coordination and planning to a minimum. Medical device Turnkey project management means that our clients will receive a total turnkey approach to their investment project. Under the project idea, the Project need will include and completely responsible for all technical coordination tasks with all other trades and client users.

The advantage is to protect our customers from the consequences of voting problems and design errors, regulatory norms which are often the reason for considerable time delays and lead to cost increases.

Turnkey project management means that our customers will get an aggregate turnkey way to deal with their medical device project. Under the undertaking idea, The project management team will be involved and completely responsible for all technical coordination with all clients.

Since our customers characterize alongside us ahead of time precisely the task extension and result, Because our clients define along with us in advance exactly the project scope and result, they can dedicate the project coordination with draftsmen and structural designers,  and contractors to us. That spares time and reduces costs.

All through the project realization (arranging, delicate, development and charging stages) of a turnkey project, the customer can likewise use the skill and the experience of our strategic buying capital goods.

We know the entanglements of the business and guide our customers securely to the turnkey handover of their investment. We also take into account local tender requirements and specifications if so specified.

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