Operon Strategist is an outstanding consulting company with whom I would do business with again, and these are my reasons:

– Very knowledgeable
– Very reliable
– A true problem solver


 Zak Kouloughli, President
                                                              Tradeline Medical Lab, USA

MP Qatar Trading

We have had good experience working with Operon Strategist. The Team is Experienced, Knowledgeable, Result oriented, committed and professional in training and execution of the project. We strongly recommend Operon Strategist for all their services.

                            Arun Kumar, Director
                          MP Qatar Trading, Doha, Qatar


The Team at Operon Strategist is reliable to work with & they provide excellent regulatory consultancy. They provide round the clock support & all their efforts are much appreciated.

                             Dr Apurv Patwardhan, Director
                             Australian Orthopedic Pvt. Ltd, India

Medtronic India

We hired Operon consultant as a subject matter expert for overseeing sterilization activity by adhering to the protocol and for reviewing results and reports in line with global standards and our requirements for the commercial launch of a product in the global market. The team exceeded our expectations by providing quality outcome and played a vital role to launch the product in time.

                                                                 Rahul Paith, Project Manager,
                                                                 Medtronic India 

 Cilicant Chem Pvt. Ltd.

The Efforts of Operon Strategist in helping us resolve our various regulatory queries have been outstanding. Their expertise & regulatory knowledge puts them on par with other globally recognized regulatory consultants.

                                 Manish Jain, CEO,
                                Cilicant Chem Pvt. Ltd., Pune, India