Iranian accelerator

The first Iranian accelerator for In Vitro Diagnostic Device (IVD) was inaugurated by a knowledge-based company during a ceremony on Saturday, Mehr reported.

A medical device is an IVD in the event that it is a reagent, calibrator, control material, pack, example repository, programming, instrument, contraption, hardware or framework, regardless of whether utilized alone or in mix with other indicative products for in vitro use.
An Iranian knowledge-based company established the accelerator with the support of vice presidency for science and technology.

The accelerator aims to cover different technologies for manufacturing IVDs as well as importing and exporting technological products and services.

The lack of a proper identification of real market demand and customer needs and the lack of financial and investment infrastructures are challenges startups active in IVDs are facing in Iran.

The Iranian accelerator eyes to be the most productive IVD platforms in the Middle East in five years, the managing director of the knowledge-based company Behrouz Tehrani told Mehr.

The accelerators attract Iranian expat experts from different countries and improve commercialization and production design through consultation, he explained.

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