Clinical evaluation is the assessment & analysis of clinical data pertaining to a medical device to verify its clinical safety & performance. Operon Strategist helps clients prepare a comprehensive clinical evaluation report by identifying the general safety & performance requirements that require support form relevant clinical data. We comb through various scientific databases such as PubMed, Cochrane etc. to search for available clinical data relevant to the device & its intended use.

Handling customer complaints:

Medical device manufacturers ultimate user is the customer whose satisfaction in using a particular product is of utmost importance. Hence an efficient method of receiving & documenting customer complaints must be implemented. Moreover, the detailed investigation must carry out to determine the reason for the customer complaint & accordingly suitable corrective &/or preventive action must implement.

We Provide Medical Device Post Market Support includes Following stages:

Ongoing system and maintain the compliances during the ongoing commercial manufacturing process.
CAPA compliance.
Audit Report & Compliance.
Labelling Compliance.
Clinical Evaluation & Post Marketing Surveillance.
Medical Device Reporting.
Customer Complaints.We can handle such incidences very effectively and efficiently.
Design Output, Design verification & Design Validation.

Medical device vigilance & medical device reporting are two of most commonly used methods for reporting adverse events in the EU & US respectively. Other sources for gathering information includes product or customer surveys, literature review, service reports, regulatory filings, etc.

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