clean room

Clean room helps in Establishing & Maintaining an Environment with a low level of environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles & chemical vapors.

Presence of unwanted air particles may adversely affect the performance and safety of a product and hence Medical Device manufacturers are advised to manufacture under classified areas.Clean rooms of different sizes and complexity are designed to maintain low levels of air particles as per the ISO 13485, ISO 14644 cleanroom standards 

As a Medical Device clean room design consultant, Operon Strategist helps in the design of Medical Device clean room as per the desired levels of air quality. In addition, to controlling the air particle count, environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, and pressure are also considered while designing a clean room.

We undertake projects of Clean Room Validation Service And Design Services, which meet international standards and norms. we offer the expertise to help you set up new manufacturing unit as well as regulatory support to your facility and Clean Room Design Service. Australia, Brazil, Bangladesh, Comoros, Costa Rica, Canada, Central Asia, Colombia, Egypt, Iceland, India, Indonesia , Nigeria , New Zealand , Oman , Peru , Qatar , Israel , European Union , Europe & Middle East , Hong Kong , Kenya , Korea , Kuwait , Liberia , Malaysia , Mexico , Mauritius , Saudi Arabia , Singapore , South & Central Asia , South Africa ,Southeast Asia & Pacific , Sri Lanka , Switzerland , Russia  ,  Singapore ,  Turkey , Thailand , Ukraine , United Arab Emirates.

We as clean room design consultant, guide Medical Device manufacturers on supporting elements to maintain the clean room conditions suitable for manufacturing like Entry-exit procedures, Gowning procedures etc. Clean room consultant services are offered on a one time fee basis or as several visits over time for a specific cleanroom project. With the effective completion of over 50 cleanroom projects, CAT conveys an unparalleled advisor experience level to your organization and to your personnel requiring particular guidance and proposals.Our team can give Auto CAD clean room design services for most cleanroom projects for the Manufacturing industry, building, basic, mechanical and electrical controls.

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